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Link rowid longitude latitude Unique Squirrel ID Hectare Shift Date Hectare Squirrel Number Age Primary Fur Color ▼ Highlight Fur Color Combination of Primary and Highlight Color Color notes Location Above Ground Sighter Measurement Specific Location Running Chasing Climbing Eating Foraging Other Activities Kuks Quaas Moans Tail flags Tail twitches Approaches Indifferent Runs from Other Interactions Lat/Long
3011 -73.96788313129359 40.7847605974975 23B-PM-1012-06 23B PM 10122018 6 Adult Gray   Gray+   Above Ground 30   0 0 0 0 0   1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 scolding POINT (-73.9678831312936 40.7847605974975)
3017 -73.9662895079734 40.7843300758044 23C-AM-1019-01 23C AM 10192018 1 Adult Gray Cinnamon, White Gray+Cinnamon, White Gray & Cinnamon selected as Primary. Gray, Cinnamon & White selected as Highlights. Made executive adjustments. Above Ground 7   0 0 1 1 0 eating (on branch) 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0   POINT (-73.9662895079734 40.7843300758044)

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CREATE TABLE "2018_Central_Park_Squirrel_Census_-_Squirrel_Data" (
"longitude" REAL,
  "latitude" REAL,
  "Unique Squirrel ID" TEXT,
  "Hectare" TEXT,
  "Shift" TEXT,
  "Date" INTEGER,
  "Hectare Squirrel Number" INTEGER,
  "Age" TEXT,
  "Primary Fur Color" TEXT,
  "Highlight Fur Color" TEXT,
  "Combination of Primary and Highlight Color" TEXT,
  "Color notes" TEXT,
  "Location" TEXT,
  "Above Ground Sighter Measurement" TEXT,
  "Specific Location" TEXT,
  "Running" INTEGER,
  "Chasing" INTEGER,
  "Climbing" INTEGER,
  "Eating" INTEGER,
  "Foraging" INTEGER,
  "Other Activities" TEXT,
  "Kuks" INTEGER,
  "Quaas" INTEGER,
  "Moans" INTEGER,
  "Tail flags" INTEGER,
  "Tail twitches" INTEGER,
  "Approaches" INTEGER,
  "Indifferent" INTEGER,
  "Runs from" INTEGER,
  "Other Interactions" TEXT,
  "Lat/Long" TEXT
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